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EIG Organising Committee

You can contact any of the Organising Committee regarding general enquiries, but if you have a specific aspect of the conferences that you would like to discuss, please choose the relevant person as follows:


  • Nick Horsley, Mineral Products Association


  • Clive Mitchell, British Geological Survey

EIG Liaison 2018  


  • Lee Clarke, Envireauwater (Treasurer / Booking Officer)
  • Graham Smith, Border GeoScience (Deputy Treasurer)

Company Secretary

  • Peter Scott, Camborne School of Mines



  • Clive Mitchell, British Geological Survey (Press Officer)
  • Adrian Charters, Quarry Design (Newsletters)

Website Design/Content & Social Media

  • Andrew Smith, Pilkingtons (Lead)
  • Leigh Sharpe, Coal Authority

Mailing List

  • Jeremy Elvins, British Gypsum

Trade Exhibitions

  • John Peate, Hanson

Sponsorship & Charity

  • Anne Smith, APS Geoservices (Lead)
  • Paul Jennings, Cemex
  • Andrew Smith, Pilkingtons

Papers and Presentations

  • Peter Scott, Camborne School of Mines
  • Alan Thompson, Cuesta Consulting
  • Duncan Wardrop, Wardrop Minerals Management
  • Geoffrey Walton, EIG Conferences

Conference Field Trips

  • Gerry Lucas, Edge Hill University


  • Emily Hunger, Rock Options (Editor in Chief)
  • Teresa Brown, British Geological Survey (Deputy Editor)
  • Gerry Lucas, Edge Hill University (Sub-Editor)
  • Steve Penn, University of Portsmouth  (Sub-Editor)

One Day Event

  • Geoffrey Walton, EIG Conferences (Chairman)
  • Claire Howarth, Mott Macdonald (Deputy)
  • Duncan Wardrop, Wardrop Minerals Management (Assistant)
  • Graham Smith, Border GeoScience (Finance)


  • Steve Penn, University of Portsmouth
  • Sabina Michnowicz, University College London


  • Tom Clifford, Atkins

Promotional Materials

  • Anne Smith, APSGS

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • Sabina Michnowicz

EIG Consultative Committee

The Organising Committee also consult an industry-wide consultative committee:

  • Andrew Carp, Resource UK
  • Simon Collins, Aggregate Industries
  • Sharon Conway, Quarry Design
  • Adrian Finch, University of St Andrews
  • Alex Finlay, Chemostrat
  • Mike Fowler, University of Portsmouth
  • Rachel Hardie, Heath and Hardie
  • John Lewis, Siwel
  • Richard Lowries, GWP
  • Richard Mitchener, Atkins
  • Mark Pritchard, GWP
  • Adrian Watson, University of Derby

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