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Bookings to Attend the 2016 EIG Conference at the University of Birmingham Closed on 23 August. 

Various information for the 2016 Conference including Joining Instructions & Conference Programme can be found in the respective links below:

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The EIG Committee are pleased to announce that the Ansel Dunham Lecture at the EIG Conference 2016 in September will be given by Dr Alan Cobb:

Dr Alan Cobb, the joint senior partner of GWP Consultants, will deliver the 2016 Ansel Dunham Lecture at the EIG Conference in Birmingham University to be held on 7th and 8th September.  His timely topic, given the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster, is “Aberfan and its ongoing implications for the UK extractive sector”.  

Alan has more than 40 years’ experience researching and consulting on stability issues concerned with colliery tips and excavated coal measure strata.  His PhD, at Durham University, was part of the NCB research programme following the Aberfan disaster and included original investigations into the geotechnical properties of colliery tip materials.  Subsequently he has worked on many tip and excavated slope stability projects related to collieries and opencast mines ranging from geotechnical issues near Aberfan, including the analysis of the Taren landslip which he worked on for several years from 1979, to recent opencast mine and colliery tip failures, some of which show that lessons learnt in the past are still relevant today.


Thanks to the following for their hard work and support in helping to organise the 19th EIG Conference - 2016:

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What are EIG Conferences?



The Extractive Industry Geology (EIG) Conferences are renowned as a series of highly successful conferences held every 2 years that provide a unique scientific and technical shop window for the non-petroleum extractive industry.

It is run by geo-professionals working within the industry, with the aim of delivering a focused training event for people working in this sector.

The EIG Conference is an essential training event for all earth scientists associated with the extractive minerals sector, helping them to keep abreast of current and future trends, innovation and best practice.

In particular it will appeal to those involved in the following fields:

  • Geology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Quarry Development Design and Planning
  • Restoration and After Use
  • Reserve and Resource Estimation and Reporting

Previous delegates have typically included:

  • Governmental and Non-Governmental organisations (e.g. BGS, SEPA, EA, SNH, EH etc)
  • Technical teams working for mineral operators
  • Consultants supplying services to the non-petroleum extractive industry
  • Those involved in research and development for the industrial minerals sector


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