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Recognising the 50th Anniversary of the Aberfan Disaster at the EIG 2016

At this year's EIG conference the Ansel Dunham lecture was presented by Dr Alan Cobb. The topic was regarding the Aberfan Disaster and was titled "The Aberfan disaster and its continuing relevance 50 years on".  The EIG felt it important to recognise the 50th Anniversary of the  Aberfan Disaster and its implications to the many professionals that attend EIG meetings as they deal regularly with the consequences in the form of the legislation that came out of the act and regulations following the disaster. 

Moreover the EIG is well aware of the need for continued vigilance in these matters since several serious near misses have occurred fortunately without loss of life or injury.  Dr Cobb was extremely well suited to talk on the subject being one of the few people involved in detailed materials testing of tip materials in the NCB funded research work that followed the disaster in the early 1970’s and who has continued to be involved with coal and coal measure geotechnics ever since. The synopsis to Dr Cobb's lecture at the EIG 2016 can be read by clicking the link below:

The Aberfan disaster and its continuing relevance 50 years on

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Simon McCurdy, chairman of EIG 2016, takes us through the conference which was held at the University of Birmingham (6-9th September 2016). Check out the video!





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