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Call for industry-based support for student projects


Earth Sciences students at the University of Birmingham complete a dissertation throughout their third (normally final) year of study.  For students on the Geology programme this has traditionally involved 5-6 weeks spent independently mapping over summer (approximately 20 km2 areas), followed by an interpretation/write-up.

 This year for the first time a number of these projects ran that were co-supervised by industry partners.  These included techniques of mapping at small scales within current or former quarry workings and mapping within areas with future economic potential.  Some projects also utilised borehole and geophysical data.  The projects have received very positive feedback from students and industry partners and have provided an important link between Higher Education and industry.  Therefore, we would be very keen to establish a further set of projects for the 2018/9 academic year.

 Projects may be entirely economically based, or could also include some traditional mapping techniques (therefore, a whole 5-6 weeks of industry-based work is not required).  For example, face mapping within an operational quarry could be combined with traditional mapping external to the site, for the purposes of analysing the potential for future extension and any associated geotechnical/hydrogeological issues.  Providing a finished product that is of benefit to the industry partner is also of primary concern, so the remit of these projects is flexible and open to discussion.

 Students complete their mapping projects as part of their degree programmes so will not expect to be paid during their time working.  The next cohort of students will decide on their project areas prior to this Christmas, will make their logistical project plans in January-March 2018 and would be expected to conduct their site work in May/June 2018.  Therefore, we would be very interested to hear about any potential projects that could be offered on this timescale. 

 If you would like to offer a project or to receive further information please contact Paul Anderson (p.e.anderson@bham.ac.uk) at the University of Birmingham. 


Dr Paul Anderson

Lecturer at the University of Birmingham

Member of the EIG Committee


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