EIG Future 1 Day Meeting Announced

Date - 19th June 2019

1 day meeting cover1.jpg

'Environmental Geoscience

....and its implications for the extractive sector.'


In 2013, 2015 and 2017 the EIG held successful one day technical meetings in Warwickshire covering in detail 3 of the 4 main topic areas which are generally included in our 2 day Conferences. So far we have covered geotechnics, hydrogeology and exploration and investigations.

The topic for next year will be on environmental geoscience and its implications for the extractive sector. Since most, if not all, mineral operations are subjected at some stage to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) this is something of which we are all aware and may impact upon other design and planning operations.

As previously the intention is to have invited keynote speakers in areas such as landscape applications, restoration, working in areas contaminated or impacted by previous mineral workings, groundwater quality/ chemical issues and air quality etc..




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